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Welcome to SmartScholar, the cutting-edge school management system by CyberStark Technologies.

Revolutionize your school’s operations with our innovative platform designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance learning experiences.

From attendance tracking to grade management, SmartScholar offers a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify the complexities of school management.

Join the league of smart schools that are embracing technology to create a seamless educational environment for students, teachers, and parents.

Advanced Reporting

Generate detailed reports and insights to drive informed decision-making at your school.

Efficient Management

Streamline all school operations with ease and precision for maximum efficiency.

Seemless Communication

Facilitate smooth communication between teachers, students, and parents for enhanced collaboration.


Discover how SmartScholar is reshaping the educational landscape with innovative solutions.

Student Information Management

 A school management system should allow administrators to store and manage all information related to students, including demographics, attendance records, grades, and disciplinary history.

Attendance Management

The system should provide a way to track student attendance, record tardiness and absences, and generate reports for administrators and parents.

Grade Management

The system should allow teachers to enter grades for assignments, exams, and projects, and provide a way for parents and students to view these grades online.


A school management system should include communication tools such as email, messaging, and notifications to keep parents, teachers, and students informed about important events, announcements, and updates.

Staff Management

 The system should provide a way to manage staff information, including contact details, roles, and responsibilities, as well as tracking attendance and performance.

Library Management

A school management system should include features for managing the school library, including tracking books, issuing and returning books, and generating reports on library usage

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User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive design that makes navigating the system a breeze for all users.

24hr Customer Support

Round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated team to ensure you never face a hurdle alone.

Customizable features

Tailor the system to fit your school's unique needs and preferences for a personalized experience.

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